Get your Brivis Central Heating Installed Before Winter With The Gasman

Tuesday 30 April 2019, 11:34PM

By Beckie Wright


The Gasman are the experts in retail gas appliances, providing a wide range of products and the best brand names, and are committed to providing the very best in gas appliances, including Brivis central heating. Get in early to beat those winter blues with an efficient heating system which will heat the whole house.

Brivis is New Zealand’s leading gas ducted central heating solution and provides fast, efficient and reliable whole-home heating. Each system is expertly put together and tailored to your home by your specialist Brivis dealer.  The beauty of central heating is what you don’t see; it’s all hidden within the walls of your home - just vents to let the heat out and a controller to deliver controllable warmth to the whole home.

A reputation for innovation, reliability and quality for over 50 years has led to Brivis being recognised as the leading New Zealand gas ducted heating solution, and their services are well-known for their speed and reliability. They operate five days a week with on-call professional technicians ready to assist you in whatever emergency repairs or maintenance you require.

Heating systems are a long-term investment, and with Brivis you can choose the right system that suits your life style, and there are many reasons why you should choose a Brivis system, starting with their five year parts and labour warranty. Also, they have a national network of dealers and installers selected and trained by Brivis, and a five days a week National Customer Care Centre.

Design, innovations and manufacturing excellence has kept Brivis at the forefront of the heating industry, and they have the capability, experience, network and systems to guarantee the performance of their products.

Brivis has built a product portfolio that sets it apart from other suppliers to the industry, and have the largest installed base of gas ducted heaters in the New Zealand market.

Brivis delivers the most cost effective ways to heat customers’ homes, so for more information on   please go to .