iPhone battery health a common problem but simple to fix

Thursday 2 May 2019, 12:11PM
By Media Giant

If you’ve ever experienced a dwindling battery charge on your iPhone, the problem could be as simple as replacing the battery, with a little-known section within the phones’ settings giving clear information on battery health.


For some time, iPhone users have regularly found issue with the battery performance of their devices, with many users complaining of less-than-a-day’s worth of charge despite doing their best to limit performance-intensive apps and services. What many users may not know, is that the overall health of your battery is easily located in the settings section of an iPhone, and is irrespective of the number located on the home screen.


By navigating to the Settings area of your iPhone, users can select the Battery sub section and then further delve into the Battery Health screen. There, users will find the Maximum Capacity figure which indicates the total measure of battery capacity available on their iPhone. This is a helpful trick for anyone who has felt that the mere age of their device has warranted full replacement with a new model, as a lower maximum capacity can sometimes lead to performance issues and unexpected shutdowns.


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