Queenstown council denies 600 homes, approves 600 more

Thursday 2 May 2019, 12:20PM
By Media Giant

Nearly 600 homes on Queenstown's Ladies Mile have been scrapped by local council, but plans for another 600 near Jacks Point are progressing, illustrating the need for greater overview in development plans and negotiations to gain council approval.


A meeting of the Queenstown Lakes District Council considered four proposed Special Housing Areas under urgency as the legislation allowing them to proceed is due to expire later this year. Lake Hayes Estate and Shotover Country Community Association chairman, Clark Pirie, told the council that local residents were opposed to the three proposals that would account for 579 homes on the Ladies Mile.


Council planning and development manager, Tony Avery, mentioned that congestion would increase on the state highway regardless of any decision the council made. There was NZ$24 million in Housing Infrastructure Fund money available to help with traffic and infrastructure if the plans were approved.


Turning the plans down might result in more people living in outlying towns and increasing traffic, he said. However, Queenstown mayor, Jim Boult, said he could not approve any further development on the Ladies Mile until residents’ concerns were addressed. He believed the NZ Transport Agency had "dropped the ball" on traffic issues in the area.


"I'm uncomfortable with throwing more and more traffic on the road until we have a concrete plan from NZTA that addresses crossing the Shotover River."


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