Bishopp Airport Advertising Offers Prime Spots to Reach Large Audience

Thursday 2 May 2019, 4:29PM
By Beckie Wright

Bishopp Advertising is targeting key locations inside airports to increase brand presence for businesses. The company believes airports are a melting pot of diverse nationalities, cultures, and social backgrounds and this makes them the perfect location to reach not only the target audience, but to grow it.

Bishopp Airport Advertising is available in 19 airport locations throughout New Zealand and Australia. They offer a range of digital signage solutions, suitable for large and small businesses alike. Their team of airport advertising specialists can tailor an advertising campaign for brands.

Airports present an excellent opportunity to test campaigns before advertising in other places. They receive huge levels of foot traffic throughout the day and once these travellers have seen the advertising, there’s no telling where they’ll end up taking a business branding and message with them. When you advertise to jetsetters, there’s always the possibility they’ll search for your product when they land, affecting web search trends across the globe!

Bishopp uses digital signage, video walls, bagbelt displays and banners within airports. These are hard to miss, even when travellers are in a rush. Digital signage, in particular, allows the versality to cycle through multiple pieces of creative or brand messaging.

92% of passengers agree that airport advertising increases a brand’s international status. Consequently, businesses of all sizes are realising the impact that an airport advertising campaign can bring. For both global and local brands, airports provide an excellent option. No other space provides such a diversity of audience in such a receptive state.

In 2018 market researcher Nielsen unveiled the results of a comprehensive consumer insights study. The report provides an insight into frequent flyer responsiveness to airport advertising, the types of activities travellers engage in while waiting for their flights, and what actions consumers take after being exposed to airport advertisements such as in-store retail shopping, social media and e-commerce activity.

According to the study, frequent flyers are highly responsive to airport advertising, with 80% noticing the media and 42% taking action that includes visiting a website, going to a store or learning more about a product, brand or service. Nineteen percent of frequent flyers actually bought a product they saw advertised at the airport.

More specifically, airport campaigns are a significant driver of foot traffic, with 84% of frequent fliers likely to visit a restaurant, 50% likely to visit a clothing/accessories/jewellery store and 41% likely to visit a consumer electronics store.