FMCTV Caters to Company's Digital Signage Installation and Project Management Needs

Monday 6 May 2019, 6:19PM
By Beckie Wright

FMCTV, a digital signage company, is continually redefining the retail experience with its digital display solutions.

Along with the prevalent use of digital ads, FMCTV has made sure to meet the growing demand for digital display solutions. The company provides comprehensive products and services such as hardware, software, installation, and the ongoing management of digital signage networks and systems.

Companies who want to start capitalising on digital ads, or are new in the digital display industry, the team of FMCTV is the perfect company that can guide clients in their specific requirements. Whether it’s for brand marketing, product content, entertainment, or public information, FMCTV can deliver the message, and provide the necessary management support.

FMCTV has successfully managed several nationwide rollouts – providing design, installation services, and ongoing support. FMCTV can manage whatever magnitude rollout a client has in mind, as it is equipped to install both single screens, and large format LEDs.

Through FMCTV’s platform, messages are broadcasted as the displays can be installed in various public areas including transportation hubs and systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings. This can be extremely beneficial to brands who want to grow and solidify their presence to the public. There are endless opportunities digital displays can offer such as brand exposure, merchandise to targeted audiences, and achieve positive brand to consumer interaction.

More than that, digital displays can help remodel business structures to build more efficient processes. An example would be the use of legacy menu boards which is both cost-effective and easy to manage. The technology allows companies to update their own restaurant’s menu with just a click of a button, not having to rely on manual replacement of menus and posters in stores.

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