Carpet Shop Talk About Choosing a Good Carpet

Monday 6 May 2019, 6:28PM
By Beckie Wright

It may be difficult to select the appropriate carpet, with the constant proliferation of products on the market today. You should consider not only the quality, the use or sustainability, but also the colour, texture and style of a carpet.

There are several factors that will influence the appearance, performance and prices of your carpet, including the carpet fibre, carpet manufacture and the texture of the carpet.

You must also think about where you will put the carpet, and the type and level of activity you expect in a particular room. For instance, you cannot have the same kind of carpet in the bedroom and in the living-room. Since the components and characteristics of carpets can vary considerably, depending on the combination of the factors mentioned above, some carpet styles can be perfect for a location, but counter indicative for another. You should also understand some basics in order to make a good choice, starting with the fibre of the carpet.

The fibre is the most essential element of a carpet, as the type of fibre will determine the appearance, performance and price of your carpet. During the manufacturing process, the fibre is transformed into yarn and is tufted or woven to form the pile. There are two types of fibres: natural fibers such as wool and chemical fibres such as nylon or polyester. Most rugs do not contain a single type of fibre, but a mixture, and each type of fibre must be assessed according to your needs and its performance.

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