Divers Offer E-Waste Management for Corporates and Large Companies

Monday 6 May 2019, 6:48PM
By Beckie Wright

Electronic waste management experts Divers Group follows international and local regulations for safe disposal of electronic waste and uses only accredited E-waste recyclers.

The company specialises in the logistics that surround the delivery, deployment, relocation and retirement of IT systems. Divers send ICT assets that have no re-sale value to their accredited partners who disassemble and sort the parts for recycling. They adhere to best practice and certifications which includes ISO9001, Eco Warranty, Basel Permit and membership of the Sustainable Business Network.

Divers manage all logistical tasks for businesses like the end-of-life tasks such as collection, decommissioning, data erasure and ethical disposal. They work accurately, efficiently and in a very cost effective manner. Their services are available to companies, government departments, universities and IT Companies throughout New Zealand. With old equipment Divers can collect, decommission, audit, erase data, redeploy or remarket and dispose them off ethically.

E-waste is described as discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered E-waste.

Informal processing of E-waste can lead to adverse human health effects and environmental pollution. For too long, metals such as mercury and lead found in computers and other E-waste have been buried in landfill, leaving the toxins to leach into the ground and waterways. 

Dismantling, crushing, recycling or refurbishing waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), if poorly managed, has the potential to release toxic substances into the environment and to endanger human health. The management of WEEE involves manual handling, storage and transportation of heavy and bulky items, so health and safety issues must also be considered. It is essential that the environmental and health and safety risks are identified and proactively managed by reuse and recycling operators.

Divers Group helps corporates manage waste - printer ink cartridges, mobile phones, printersm computer monitors, televisions and small appliances such as microwaves and vacuum cleaners.

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