HomeStaged Provides Custom Home Staging for Wellingtonions

Monday 6 May 2019, 7:02PM
By Beckie Wright

Property owners who are in the market to sell their Wellington home, will find home staging services from HomeStaged can increase the desirability of the home through helping potential buyers project their own life into the space.

“We take a customised staging approach to every house to show buyers its future potential,” says designer and owner of HomeStaged Megan Hand. HomeStaged has been working in the Wellington region and Hutt Valley areas for four years and have plenty of experience in different types of properties.

HomeStaged takes into account the age, design and location of the house and their customised approach highlights and enhances the lifestyle choices offered by the property.

HomeStaged works with colour, furniture and furnishings to create a home that will appeal to a wide range of people. The aim is to ensure the home is beautiful and flows through easily from room to room. By casting a fresh eye on the home, HomeStaged is able to find the right furniture to show off the home’s full potential, and place it in a way that lets potential buyers see how spacious and inviting it is.

For a successful home staging, prospective buyers need to imagine themselves in the space, and that means seeing furniture, decor, and accessories that make a house feel like home. If done correctly, a home staging can slash the time the property sits on the market, while also boosting profits.

Megan Hand says home owners should be prepared to go that extra mile to achieve the top price. “All the best real estate agents will suggest getting home staging done. They know it works.” she says.

Full or partial home staging from HomeStaged can help sell homes faster, and for more money.  Home staging is all about making the home appealing to buyers, and it’s all in the details.  

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