Qrisk Provides Safety Keynote Speakers

Monday 6 May 2019, 7:21PM
By Beckie Wright

If you are looking for a motivational keynote speaker for your next health and safety conference Qrisk will provide a unique and informative opportunity to entertain and educate your team. Their presentations take the audience inside high-risk operations around the world, in order to discuss the safety of people not just in work, but in life.

Part of the corporate health and safety experience is facilitating change to enhance your workplace’s safety culture, and QRisk help deliver that, based on their personal backgrounds that stand apart from the crowd. They aren’t interested in giving presentations that won’t engage your people, and are driven to bring high-energy, highly interactive experiences to the table. You will learn through their powerful storytelling and authentic honesty about their mistakes, conducting candid, genuine presentations designed to truly reach your team.

A key part to Qrisk’s safety messaging is around situational awareness and this is delivered as a life skill, with real strategies in understanding risk that will stay with the audience well beyond the presentation and they can use everyday.

Hiring a motivational speaker through QRisk will inspire your people to enact change themselves, and stay the course in creating their own culture of positive health, safety, and security. You’ll come away from the day with the tools to foster a genuine and meaningful team spirit - one that doesn’t rely on policy, procedure, or checklists to thrive. Instead, expect it to be a new, intrinsic part of your workplace.

Qrisk’s approach to the day is always tailored to the exact needs of their clients, and they strive to create a plan founded on their input. Also, it’s important to their team to know exactly what you need from the keynote. They bring the framework, and you give them the priorities to weave into it.

They also offer a free, no-obligation meeting to ensure you’re going to get what you need from their speakers, and it can be as casual as a chat over coffee. So, don’t put off planning your health and safety conference any longer – talk to QRisk about what they can offer you with a talented and experienced speaker, and for more information on    please go to .