Flowers & Caskets at the Heart of the Service at Dil's Funeral Services

Tuesday 14 May 2019, 11:39AM
By Beckie Wright

Flowers are a visual expression of love, sympathy, and respect, and are a means of lending support and sharing the burden of grief. In addition to sending flowers to the funeral service, there is a growing trend to send flowers to the home of the bereaved after the service.

Flowers create a background of warmth and beauty which adds to the dignity and consolation of the funeral service, and those who have attended services where there were no flowers have expressed the feelings that something was missing.

Flowers provide colour, fragrance and personality, and are also an expression of love and support. If you’d like flowers for the service, chapel, casket or your home Dil’s can take care of it all for you. After the funeral, flowers may be left with the casket, taken home, or given to a hospital or rest home, and they will make sure that all cards from the floral tributes are collected for you.

Dil’s also have a very wide range of caskets to choose from, and they come in a variety of different styles, materials, finishes and prices. They also have an expanded range of eco caskets and even provide a rental option. What is right for you is simply a matter of personal preference.

Today, personalising the casket is a very popular option, and this could be in the colour chosen or by having pictures and graphics on the casket. It might also include what is placed on, in, or around the casket. Examples might include, a photo or personal item, such as a golf club, fishing rod or favourite hat.

Environmentally friendly choices are becoming increasingly popular, and an Eco Funeral is simply about having consideration for the environment in the options you select for your funeral. This is not just in the choice of casket but also in how the deceased is cared for through the preparation and embalming process, lessening the use of hearses and motor vehicles, and even extending to decisions about burial or cremation.

At Dil’s, you have a choice of a range of caskets that are sourced from sustainable materials and manufactured by environmentally friendly processes, so for more information on eco friendly caskets, eco friendly funerals and ash urns please go to .