Support Prostate Health With Herbal Ignite's Prostate Power Flow

Wednesday 22 May 2019, 4:11PM
By Beckie Wright

If you are being kept awake at night with constant visits to the bathroom, maybe you should consider taking Herbal Ignite’s Prostate Power Flow. This is an over-the-counter dietary supplement which can be taken daily to support your prostate health. The good news is you don’t need a prescription, and it is suggested to take two per day.

Herbs are most effective when taken for 4 to 6 weeks and Power Flow doesn’t always work instantly, but usually you will notice benefits within a few days
Supporting good prostate health is key for men coping with the inevitable hormonal changes that accompany ageing, and these changes mean men may experience prostate changes in size, urinary discomfort and disrupted sleep and prostate pain.

Prostate Power Flow’s formulation works to support prostate health and contains active ingredients and trace minerals which studies have shown to calm urinary discomfort and prostate pain, work to reduce the enlargement of the prostate and help prevent this condition from becoming prostate cancer. It can also help with men's potency and fertility.


Prostate Power Flow’s formula contains four ingredients including Saw Palmetto which acts to calm urinary discomfort and prostate pain. Two capsules of Prostate PowerFlow provide 640mg of extract.

Prostate Power Flow  also contains lycopene, which supports a healthy prostate. Lycopene works to  reduce the risks of certain cancers, can help to stop the enlargement of the prostate and help to prevent this condition from becoming prostate cancer. The third ingredient is  Selenium which acts as an antioxidant protection.

The final ingredient Zinc is an essential trace element that has many benefits for our body. Studies reveal that the presence of zinc in the body may help suppress tumor growth, especially in the prostate, altering the biology of prostate cells to make them less able to multiply and survive as cancer cells. Zinc is also necessary for the manufacturing of testosterone, the key male hormone for potency and fertility. Low zinc levels may contribute to low sperm count and low libido, and two capsules of Power Flow provide 100% of the RDA.

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