Home Designs, New Builds, Renovations & Recladding With DC Builders

Thursday 23 May 2019, 5:17PM
By Beckie Wright

If you are looking for a proven specialist building company that will efficiently manage and execute your new building development, home renovation project or reclad from start to finish, DC Builders is right for you. They have a team of certified and licensed designers and builders in Auckland and Tauranga, making sure your projects are completed to the highest quality, within the specified timeframe.

DC Builders will work closely with you to define your ideas and dreams, taking the project from concept stage to completion, while ensuring they are constantly working within your budget. Integrated design and build is their ‘bread and butter’, and their in-house architectural design team are not just home designers. They are trade qualified carpenters, so having them working on your drawings means they see ‘buildibility’ issues before they arise. This eliminates any budget blowouts and ultimately saves you money.

From providing designs for house plans, to offering advice and lodging consent with the local council on your behalf, they will be there every step of the way. Similarly, with renovations, they understand that renovating your home, no matter how large or small the project is a very important decision. The entire renovation process will be handled by one of their highly skilled and experienced project managers, who have undertaken numerous house renovations in New Zealand.

Regarding reclads, where many New Zealand homes built in the past 20 years have suffered from watertight issues and cladding failures, DC Builders have a specialist recladding division, specialising solely on water damaged homes. They handle the entire process, from drafting the design drawings to carrying out the build, working with council to ensure you get the big tick at the end.

No more working back and forth between your architect and your builder, DC Builders do both, and doing the detailed design work with the eye of a problem solving builder is their speciality, so for more information on certified builders,  home builders Auckland and house extensions please go to .