Empowering Managers With IMNZ Coaching Seminars

Thursday 23 May 2019, 6:38PM
By Beckie Wright

The role of a coach is extremely valued in sports, but for some reason that belief rarely extends to the workplace. In reality, coaching is just as essential in the workplace as it is on the field or court. Coaching empowers managers to support their employees in developing new skills, motivates staff and maximises their potential.

If you are ready to move your business forward with a productive team of engaged employees, the following steps will begin your journey toward mastering employee coaching, starting with creating a culture of feedback.

This creates an ongoing dialogue that gives everyone a voice and affords employees the chance to hear how their performance is viewed, what they are doing well, and areas they need to improve on.

Secondly, people need to be challenged, so offer assignments that help staff expand their skills based on their prior experience. You should also set goals that help them further their careers, as well as those that contribute to the benchmarks of the team and the organisation as a whole. You should also ensure you are available and willing to help when questions arise.

Thirdly, always remember listening is essential in coaching. When employees feel their opinion is respected and valued, they’re far more likely to be engaged and push harder. This also goes for building confidence and credibility. Acknowledging employees’ performance, extra effort and contributions—whether with a thank-you note or in a team meeting—can go a long way toward securing buy-in and building a stronger team.

In all workplaces, mistakes will be made but your response is key. Have your staff explain what went wrong and how they could have executed better, while you remain positive and solution-oriented. This maintains performance expectations while at the same time boosting employee confidence.

Finally, always offer a helping hand, ensuring your employees feel comfortable coming to you for advice and assistance. It’s a coach’s job to encourage and help search for solutions, putting employees in the best position to succeed, and for more information on short courses Wellington,  leadership courses Auckland and  project management courses please go to