Portable Tiny Homes From Pencarrow Cabins Maximise Options When Your Circumstances Change

Thursday 23 May 2019, 8:23PM
By Beckie Wright

There is a vast range of benefits made possible by creating a little more space at your place, particularly if and when your circumstances change. Tiny Homes from Pencarrow Cabins maximise your options under these circumstances. Tiny homes, typically between 18 and 85 square metres, represent a social movement away from materialist excesses, promoting flexibility and more importantly, affordability.

Portable buildings can provide effective solutions to your accommodation needs, while creating potential revenue streams in your own backyard. And the good news is that city and regional councils are relaxing density and home size regulations, due to New Zealand’s ongoing housing shortage, allowing you to build, subdivide, and grow your asset base.

Pencarrow Cabins’ tiny homes offer a variety of advantages for Kiwis of all ages, as they are considerably cheaper compared to ordinary homes, and can typically be purchased for less than the down-payment on a full-sized house.

Cabins and tiny homes make exceptional granny flats for ageing parents and relatives. They can be much cheaper than retirement villages or live-in care, while keeping your loved ones closer to their families where they’re happier. Pencarrow Cabins can be easily customised, allowing for ramps, wet rooms, and other modifications.

Through a quick search for tiny homes in New Zealand on Airbnb, you’ll be amazed at how many Kiwis are reaping the rewards of investing in tiny homes, providing an affordable option for those keen to maximise return from their current properties. Not only that, planning rules dictating maximum density and minimum house sizes are being relaxed, making it much easier for infill development in inner-city suburbs.

Tiny homes are portable, and portable homes give you freedom and flexibility when your circumstances change. So, when the kids finally leave, or when you secure that beautiful piece of land on the coast, your portable building gives you the flexibility to simply unclip from the services and re-locate your building where it’s needed most. At Pencarrow Cabins, all their buildings comply with New Zealand Transport regulations, meaning that they can be easily moved anywhere in the country.

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