Hitch Car Rentals Provide Some Good Tips on Driving in NZ

Thursday 30 May 2019, 12:21PM
By Beckie Wright

Hitch Car Rentals is the provider of great value and budget car rental in Auckland and Christchurch, with a free shuttle service from Auckland Airport and Queenstown Airport, and this month and next we will feature some tips they have for anyone driving around New Zealand, starting with NOT driving on beaches!

Your Hitch Car Rentals’ insurance will be void as soon as you drive on any beach and you may be liable for the value of the vehicle. This is due to parts of many beach roads in New Zealand being completely underwater at high and even mid tide. The government only advises beach driving if you have a 4×4, and a recommendation for these people would be to let your tires down a little for extra traction/float. Hitch rents out AWD SUV’s but not full differential lock 4×4’s which are the only vehicles which can cope with beach driving.

Additionally, many roads here, such as the Ahipara peninsular, actually become cut off as far as two hours either side of high, and for even longer on spring tides, making getting stuck an inevitability at the right time of day.

Secondly, you should wash your brakes after contact with sand. Again, your Hitch Car Rentals’ insurance will be void as soon as you drive on any beach. However, if you do come into contact with sand, for example on carparks near beaches, make sure to give your brakes a good wash at the end of the day. Volcanic minerals in much of the sand here is incredibly corrosive to brake pads, and if left will cause brake failure or at least a reduction in braking ability. This is why you’ll see 4×4 owners washing their brake pads at service stations near beach roads.

Hitch Car Rentals hope this guide will help you avoid the common driving pitfalls in New Zealand and enable you a smooth driving experience. As the saying goes, look after your car and it will look after you. That’s the Hitch Car Rentals way. If you have any issues just call 0800 93 95 03 or your breakdown cover number, which will be given to you upon collecting your Hitch car, and for more information on car hire Auckland,  car rentals Auckland airport and quality car rentals please go to .