Harcourts Cooper's Ilse Evans #1 Agent Takapuna Second Year Running

Thursday 30 May 2019, 12:34PM
By Beckie Wright

Nobody who knows Ilse Evans will be surprised to hear that she has for the second year running secured the prize of #1 Agent Takapuna Harcourts Cooper and Co 2018 to 2019. Ilse gives you good, old-fashioned honest advice for all your real estate matters, and from the get go she puts your interests first, rather than her own. In 2006 Ilse was awarded by the industry with a Rookie Award from Harcourts Northern Region. She has built her business built on integrity, local knowledge and expertise and is known and respected by clients past and present.

Ilse is there to make the process of buying or selling your house painless, professional and price maximising, and this month her advice is that this is not a time to test the market. However, it is time to have an honest agent working for you from day one.

Auckland house sales have fallen nearly 20 per cent as the market has stalled, and the difficulty getting finance is being blamed for a slump in house sales around the country. Auckland's sales fell 18.2 per cent year-on-year, but there were still more sales in the city than there had been in four months.

Bindi Norwell, Real Estate Institute chief executive says, "At a time when sales volumes are normally very strong and total sales figures for the country are typically well over the 7000 mark, with 6938 sales this was the lowest number of properties sold for the month of March since March 2011.

"Despite some extremely competitive mortgage rates on offer from the banks and the high chance of an OCR cut in the near future, it appears the legislative changes on the horizon and the difficulty accessing finance are now really starting to impact the housing market in terms of sales volumes. Hopefully, as we gain more certainty over the coming months with CGT now confirmed a non starter, we'll start to see volumes pick up. However, winter is normally a quieter time of year, so time will tell what happens with sales volumes going forward."

Economists at Infometrics said investor activity had slowed because people were waiting for more information on Government intervention in the market, such as the potential for a new capital gains tax. This has now been put to bed. Regardless, people still need to buy and sell, regardless, so to find out more about  real estate agents Hauraki,  property valuations Takapuna and  selling my house Hauraki please go to .