QRisk Security Review – It's All About People

Thursday 30 May 2019, 5:30PM
By Beckie Wright

Sadly recent events have prompted organisations to stop and complete a security review of their operations, to understand their gaps. Whilst it’s appropriate for businesses to do so, the focus should always be on safeguarding people at their workplace and beyond the workplace.

QRisk say robust security is all about systems, processes and most importantly, people. People are the enablers of the technology, systems and processes that build a culture around safety, security and awareness. It’s all part of building resilience and wellbeing into your organisation.

Conducting internal security reviews helps keep compliance programmes up to date, focussed and relevant, but more importantly it’s an opportunity in time to shift your culture to one that’s more appropriate: less about form filling and more about engraining a positive culture around risk and security awareness, and empowering your people to take ownership of risk and be part of the solution.

The risk of something occurring can be measured by taking a pragmatic approach of likelihood x consequence, using your business descriptors. Then look at how to reduce it. There is never no risk, so it’s about moving the likelihood and consequence to a point that is as low as reasonably practicable, and empowering your people with knowledge and ownership.

The QRisk approach to a security review is unique and it involves a close collaboration with key stakeholders to truly understand your risk. They listen with intent to understand and can even facilitate one of their popular, co-design sessions (with simple brainstorming techniques) to engage with all levels of staff to understand the real concerns of your people and help bring common sense solutions to the surface. The aim is to look at risk from different perspectives to get a greater understanding.

QRisk are problem solvers, people trainers and organisational fixers, so if you have a risk that’s within their expertise to resolve, then you should talk to them. Part of their expertise is in doing security reviews and site assessments, so for more information on situational awareness, corporate risk management and workplace safety training please go to .