Healthy carpet the key to a healthy home, indicates tribunal ruling

Friday 31 May 2019, 10:13AM
By Media Giant

How valuable is carpet in creating a healthy home? For one tenant, recently awarded NZ$9280 in compensation and damages by the Tenancy Tribunal, the monetary amount offers little comfort following a two-year ordeal to repair the floor of their rented home.


The tenant claimed the hole in the floor of the main bedroom of the two-bedroom cottage in Dairy Flat, north Auckland, was big enough for his cat to crawl through from underneath the house, according to the tribunal decision.


Photos he presented at the tribunal hearing showed there were myriad other health and safety issues at the property, including dampness which had caused the floor to rot, and made parts of the home cold and "uninhabitable" for most of the tenancy.


The tenant requested that the landlord solve the issues seven times between 2015 and 2017, and showed the tribunal three documents requesting repairs to doors, locks and latches, carpet and the hole in the main bedroom floor.


However, the landlord responded by saying the hole in the bedroom floor was only an issue for four to six months, and presented the tribunal with an inspection report dated January 2017 which referred to the cottage as being in "satisfactory overall condition", but noted a leak in the ceiling and a hole in the floor needed fixing.


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