Fit's New Laundry Hamper Perfect for Tanova Pull Out Laundry Units

Friday 31 May 2019, 12:46PM
By Beckie Wright

Fit, a pioneer in pull out laundry solutions, has developed a brand-new laundry basket that perfectly complements Tanova’s pull out laundry units. This new product exemplifies the inventiveness and strategic approach of the company when faced with the challenges that are inevitable in any form of business.

Fit Ltd is pleased to announce that one of the key components of their product line up is now moving production to New Zealand. Since the beginning, the company has been importing plastic hampers specific to the Tanova laundry units from Scandinavia. Due to logistical issues that caused supply inconsistencies and pressures, the company has moved to take over production internally.

In order to keep up with the company’s excellent product standards, Fit Limited took initiative to develop their own basket perfect for Tanova’s pull out laundry units. Along with this, the company has also commissioned their own manufacturing tool for the basket’s future production.

The company has completed their first sample run and the tool will now be shipped to New Zealand so that future production is undertaken here. During the development process, the company saw the opportunity to make the tool multipurpose in order for them to create both vented laundry hampers, as well as solid sided kitchen waste bin buckets in the same 36L size.

With this roadblock quickly turned into product innovation, the move is a testament to the Fit Ltd promise to ensure continuity, regularity, and consistency of high-quality products which customers can trust.

Together with their trade and design partners who provided valuable input on the project, Fit is now more confident than ever in sharing NZ-made storage solutions to clients.

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