New Zealand uPVC set to benefit from NZ insulation regulations

Friday 31 May 2019, 4:22PM
By Media Giant

uPVC is immensely popular in Europe, with the majority of homes choosing this option for their home’s windows and doors due to the incredible energy-saving and insulation benefits they offer.


Eco Auckland is a New Zealand company delivering expertise and a world-class uPVC product range to Auckland-based homeowners. They are preparing for an influx of new customers throughout the winter seasons as they release more information around their uPVC products.


In New Zealand, current building regulations require all new buildings to meet a high standard of thermal insulation. uPVC windows prevent heat from escaping, which makes a home more comfortable during winter and helps homeowners to reduce their power bill. The outstanding insulation uPVC windows provides is only part of their appeal for New Zealanders, as double-glazed uPVC is a remarkable insulator against noise.


The combined health benefits of uPVC are only one reason many are choosing to improve their windows and doors. Landlords and homeowners are also finding the products increase property value and reduce the level of maintenance required on a home as uPVC is resistant to rust, corrosion, warping, and rot, while their thermally non–conductive frames reduce condensation. Ultimately, uPVC is making life easier for homeowners and landlords alike.


Utilising high-quality German design, Eco Auckland provides leading uPVC products designed for their thermal and acoustic insulation abilities which are capable of providing excellent safety, security, and durability through the use of superior construction materials.


Eco Auckland offer a selection of uPVC window styles and are happy to discuss custom-built options. To learn more about installing uPVC windows in NZ, you can visit Eco Auckland at or call the office on 09 973 0610 to speak to one of their helpful team.