Choose Dexters For All Supply Chain Projects

Friday 31 May 2019, 7:25PM
By Beckie Wright

Dexters specialises in materials handling efficiencies; getting things right so that your business is running smooth, and this also applies to all supply chain projects. The main focus for the supply chain division of Dexters is to assist companies with their supply chain handling and safety challenges through bulk buys, product sourcing and custom manufacturing.


To ensure safer and more efficient supply chains, and with online buying growing at an exponential rate, and workplace safety at the forefront of everyone's minds, keeping up with changes and efficiency can be a challenge. Dexters have a wealth of experience around the design and implementation of equipment that makes your supply chain safer and more efficient, and their team of experienced consultants can work with you on new or existing projects and offer smart and creative solutions through experience.

If you're requiring a larger quantity of handling equipment or machinery, or safety products, Dexters take the headache out of doing bulk buying, and their Special Projects team can assist you with all aspects of your project including special pricing, timeframe requirements, distribution and installation requirements and staff training and risk analsis resources.

Dexters also have links with many renowned companies all over the world and can source bespoke equipment of all different kinds. They only partner with reliable, trusted and renowned suppliers, and product quality is always a key factor when selecting suppliers. The advantage of using Dexters is they take the headache out of product quality and stand 100% behind the equipment.

Dexters was started in 1997 and as a result can put forward to their clients the wealth of knowledge gained through experience in the marketplace. They are innovative in their approach to every situation, offering smart and creative solutions through experience. Dexters has expertise in a wide range of solutions, from warehousing to logistics to manufacturing, covering all areas of the industry including warehousing and logistics, freight stations, pharmaceutical, fruit and vegetable growers, manufacturing and airports and aircraft, so for more information on warehouse shelving, dangerous goods storage and pallet racking please go to .