Media Giant releases details around reporting dashboard and action tracking

Wednesday 5 June 2019, 11:29AM
By Media Giant

The key to improving marketing ROI through continued measurement of marketing results and adjustment to your marketing campaigns just got easier, as Wellington-based company, Media Giant, release details around its monthly client reporting.


Media Giant monthly reports use marketing data and campaign tracking to provide an overview of digital performance at a glance, with monthly reporting documents designed to be easily shareable across departments.


Around the world, businesses are discovering that measuring and optimising your marketing processes is necessary to create lasting, successful campaigns that have significant results on a business’s bottom line.


Marketing reports are critical to establishing specific key performance indicators (KPIs) for digital campaigns, and to determine your marketing return on investment. Measuring the ROI of marketing campaigns helps both a business and digital marketers realise what works and what doesn't, and plan for either reducing the investment in a specific campaign, or optimising an existing approach for improved performance.


Media Giant also promotes monthly client reports to ensure everyone is equally engaged on new opportunities or campaign strategies, and to reveal areas of a business which can be enhanced or improved through various digital marketing approaches.


Media Giant monthly reports contain a wealth of information for clients depending on the services or tracking metrics they wish to include. This includes Google Analytics data, search console performance, Google Ads, organic and paid search rankings, social engagements and campaign success, and automated mail engagement, conversion details, and customer response measurement.


Media Giant is located in Lower Hutt, Wellington, and provides a full range of high-quality digital marketing services across New Zealand. If you’re interested in learning more about tracking online customer actions for your business, call Media Giant on 04 555 0570, or visit today.