Personalised name badges under the global spotlight

Wednesday 5 June 2019, 11:30AM
By Media Giant

A name badge may look good, but is it practical? This is the question being asked at conferences around the world, which highlights the importance of quality, uniform design for all personnel name badges.


The  Association of Moving Image Archivists added gender pronouns to its conference badges in 2018, announcing its decision as a step toward building a more inclusive culture and making colleagues more comfortable.


“We not only want people to be comfortable being themselves; we strive to build a culture where we don’t make assumptions or pass judgment on each other,” AMIA wrote on its website when announcing the new badge addition.


“Having pronouns on our badges—or if a person chooses to tell you their pronouns—is simply letting you know how you can refer to colleagues, without you having to make any assumptions.”


A more inclusive approach to name badges is furthering the adoption of personalised staff labels, badges, and ribbons. These changes are set to make waves in the public service sector, where name badges can be custom-printed to include the necessary information for fellow staff, security, and public inquiry.


Labels Plus products include everything from low-cost self-adhesive paper labels to full colour, photo-quality product labels. Full colour resin-finished name badges and domed labels are available for any business or service, and can be printed in large quantities where required.


To learn more about creating custom name badges with Labels Plus in New Zealand, visit their website at, or contact the Labels Plus team today on 0508 33 44 77 for a comprehensive quote and full list of their products and services.