What is a VPN?

Tuesday 11 June 2019, 8:53PM
By Primo V.

A virtual private network is basically a connection method that is used to give additional security and privacy to any network. Initially, VPNs were used solely by big corporations that were looking to protect their sensitive data but more people are now using the same for their personal use.

Whereas being digital for organizations has a lot of benefits, the issue of security remains a top risk because of how frequent cybersecurity happens and the cost impact it has to individuals and corporations.

Having a Virtual Private network is a great solution to cab the security element. They are an effective and efficient technology that gives safe remote access to all its users from literally anywhere across the internet and allows them to securely connect with each other.

The advantages of using VPN

Using a VPN has become almost mandatory for most individuals and companies for obvious reasons. A VPN connection can be really quite handy and some of the major advantages are as below;

Safe access to public networks

In most cases, using public Wi-Fi is very risky as it exposes you to a lot of vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals usually love to take advantage of the public Wi-Fi space as they can easily get all the information they want through it.

Using a reliable VPN will be able to protect you from any malicious attempt to access your information on the public Wi-Fi and will protect your data. If you have to use public Wi-Fi always ensure you are using a VPN unless you are on a dedicated internet connection

It can increase internet speed

Slow internet speed can be a hindrance and can be highly inconvenient to most people. There could be some restrictions placed by the internet service provider that causes the slow speeds. To help solve this issue, there are some VPN services that improve your speeds immensely.

Since a VPN hides your online activity, it is quite easy to then remove these speed restrictions by the internet service provider. This ultimately enables you to enjoy your browsing experience.

Gives you unrestricted access to blocked content

Needless to say, the internet is censored and geo-restricted in so many countries across the world.

These countries block major platforms like twitter or google and other essential apps that you need to either run your business smoothly or use it for personal use conveniently.

If you are in some foreign countries, you may try to access some content from your home but you will instead receive an error message because the sites are geo-restricted.

VPN is a real saviour in this situation and is an excellent option if you are in a country that has heavy censorship because it bypasses geo restrictions. A VPN works by ideally changing your IP address to show as if you are in another locality or country that you are not in when logging in.

Enhances data security

Using a VPN service guarantees you heightened online security. Whereas there are plenty of safety precautions you can take when you are using the internet to protect your data, the other methods are not as efficient as using a VPN.

Since most hackers target sensitive data that they can use to manipulate you, it is important to have a VPN to guard against that. As long as you have data or any apps that are stored on a cloud, you need to be very careful with the internet. VPN protects your data from the spammers, hackers and malicious people who are constantly trying to extort you using your data.

A VPN service will encrypt your data and prevent others from snooping in while you are browsing the internet or when you are sharing any of your personal information like private chats and bank information. Some of the great VPNs you can use that is very efficient is reviewed ExpressVPN.

It basically reduces the risk of security breaches and also any cyber-attacks.

It enables remote access

Using a VPN helps you have remote access and you can basically work from anywhere. Initially, for most employees of corporations, they could only be able to work from their offices. This has since changed as when using a VPN you can be able to use the internet from anywhere. This ultimately leads to more efficiency and productivity in business.

Optimizes ad campaigns and search rankings

Because technically all businesses are looking towards having good digital visibility, Using a VPN service can really come in handy. The VPN will help you to easily monitor, view and manage ads and keywords in different countries despite the fact that they appear to be different in different countries.                                                                                                  


The use of VPN dates back to the time most users especially businesses were looking for a private and improved browsing experience. Though there are some people who use VPNs to perform illegal activities, there are also many benefits that have steamed from the using it such as remote access, security and geo-targeting.