Re:Vision Revisit Cataracts

Tuesday 18 June 2019, 1:16PM
By Beckie Wright

With June being cataract awareness month Re:Vision feel this could be a good time to explain what is a cataract, and provision for the procedure to restore your vision. A cataract is the inevitable clouding of the natural lens of the eye resulting in blurred vision.

The lens clouds naturally as we age but the process can be accelerated by diabetes, smoking and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Cataracts affect millions of people world-wide annually and treating them with the insertion of an intraocular lens (IOL) is the single most commonly performed surgical eye procedure in the world.

‍The cataract procedure is a painless, quick, proven method of restoring vision and can be carried out by one of Re:Vision’s experienced eye surgeons at their clinic in Auckland.

‍The cataract procedure requires no stitches and allows most patients to return to their normal activities within a day or so. Your surgeon will painlessly remove the clouded lens and replace it with a clear, high-definition intraocular lens (IOL), which will successfully restore your vision.

‍As the Western world’s most common surgical procedure, more advanced IOLs are being developed each year to make the cataract procedure even easier for patients than it is now and offer even better vision results. As a leading provider of cataract surgery in Auckland, Re:Vision use premier IOLs including astigmatism-reducing (toric) IOLs and depth of focus enhancing (multifocal and blended-vision) IOLs to often add a whole new freedom of vision without glasses.

‍Insurance companies all cover cataract surgery, and Re:Vision is an Affiliated Provider with a number of Healthcare Insurance Providers, including Southern Cross Healthcare, and all of them offer a simple automatic approval process. Re:Vision’s friendly staff will help to make the whole process stress-free, including helping their self-funding patients with easy-payment plans if desired.

‍‍If you’re experiencing blurred vision, inability to see in dim light, seeing halos around lights, or vision loss get in touch with Re:Vision’s friendly team who can answer any questions you have. You can schedule your eye exam today, and discuss how best they can assist you in restoring your vision, and for more information on keratoconus treatment, laser eye surgery Auckland and how much does laser eye surgery cost please go to .