Fortune Manning Leading Transport Law Firm in NZ

Thursday 20 June 2019, 8:37PM
By Beckie Wright

Fortune Manning have considerable expertise in nearly every facit of the law, and this month we explore legal issues affecting the transport sector. They are

the leading transport law firm in New Zealand, and their association with the transport industry dates back over 40 years. They are specialists in all areas of transport and advise on all legal issues affecting the transport sector.

Fortune Manning’s transport law team provides legal advice to transport operators, including transport companies, fleet operators, owner drivers, employed drivers, couriers and taxi proprietors, and they provide advice on all legal issues arising in the operation of a transport service. They also act for National Road Carriers, New Zealand’s leading transport industry association, and provide advice to their members.

They have also advised international companies coming into New Zealand on compliance and contract issues including drafting the terms of trade, health and safety, employment, immigration, tax, and company structuring.

They are involved in the transport industry on the ground and are able to provide their clients with practical advice as members of the industry, and also advise some major transport organisations, frequently conducting seminars and training on the legal issues facing the transport sector.

Some of their areas of expertise include contracts, policy advice, arbitration, owner/driver contracts, licensing, the Carriage of Goods Act and employment. They also assist with personal grievances and civil disputes, including debt collecting.

Fortune Manning’s transport team regularly attend court throughout New Zealand, defending transport operators charged with breaches of the Road User Charges Act, Transport Act, Land Transport Act, Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations and other relevant legislation, so for more information on Auckland Lawyers, Funeral Trust Funds NZ and Relationship Property New Zealand please go to .