Employee walk-out indicates need for better mediation

Monday 24 June 2019, 2:32PM
By Media Giant

According to a new release E tū, a 24-hour strike by E tū care and support workers employed by IDEA Services will commence on Sunday, following failed mediation talks that lasting eight days. 3,000 members are affected by the dispute, which is reported to have lasted eight months and resulted in six previous strikes.


At the centre of the mediation is an argument pushing for extra pay for senior support workers, weekend penal rates, and the protection of key health and safety rights. The dispute also stems from staff resisting IDEA Services’ demands for more flexibility over their rosters.


“Under the guise of so-called “flexibility” IDEA wants to undermine the job security of the very staff who support vulnerable New Zealanders. Despite another full day of mediation on Thursday 20th June, IDEA failed to make any offer to settle, so Sunday’s strike is on,” said E tū advocate Alastair Duncan.


In the statement, Duncan indicated the strike will affect up to 600 residential homes, with many unionised workers “having a well-deserved and rare Sunday off to spend with loved ones”.


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