Primecare Dental Offer Full Mouth Rehabilitation For Dental Occlusion

Monday 24 June 2019, 5:35PM
By Beckie Wright

Dental occlusion refers to the way your teeth meet when you bite together, and all teeth should come in contact with one another simultaneously with minimal force. When this does not happen, your occlusion is unbalanced and problems may result. Grinding or clenching of the teeth is the most common reason for needing full mouth rejuvenation. You may have several broken/chipped teeth with or without pain in the jaws, face and teeth.

Some effects of poor bite/imbalance include damaged or fractured restorations - crowns/bridges/fillings - leading to increased chances of decay and splintering of tooth roots, excess force on implants which can lead to early failure, teeth becoming loose or receding gums, and abnormal alignment of the teeth. You will also complain of continual sensitivity of your teeth to temperature change, night time grinding, ongoing headaches, and neck and jaw pain causing difficulty in chewing.


A full mouth rehabilitation is required when there are multiple broken or missing teeth. This may involve crowns, veneers, implants and bridges. As well as grinding or clenching of the teeth, poor cosmetic dentistry may also lead to a full mouth rejuvenation.


Unfortunately, not all cosmetic dentistry leads to a better smile. Your front teeth may exhibit discolouration or have discoloured fillings. During the initial visit, Primecare Dental will examine and evaluate your bite with a highly sophisticated computer system (T-SCAN) in order to eliminate any errors which may compromise the outcome. If you have always wanted an aesthetically pleasing smile with natural functional teeth then full mouth rejuvenation is the answer for you.


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