Need a Commercial Carpet Cleaner? Alex Cleaning Solutions Are the Answer

Tuesday 25 June 2019, 5:58PM
By Beckie Wright

If you are tired of waiting for someone to turn up to clean the carpets of your commercial/office or retail premises, ACS is reliable, trustworthy and friendly, and their carpet-cleaning specialists are always on time. ACS uses a specially imported European chemical in their professional equipment to freshen carpets, giving a dramatically better result.

Whether it’s a retail space, office space or industrial unit, ACS is the provider you can trust, as they know how important your commercial space is. ACS has already been trusted by thousands of customers to perform cleaning of Auckland commercial spaces, so they don’t just say “trust us”. They actually have a track record to prove it.

ACS can provide regular or ‘one off’ cleaning options, to freshen up the feel of your office and commercial spaces. They have over 1000 established customers, one of whom is Des from Auckland who says, “Alex is not number one for nothing. He does a great job is friendly and helpful. We have used Alex before and he never disappoints with the excellence of his work. Quick efficient and reliable at very reasonable cost. If you need-your carpet cleaned this is the guy to get, I wish him well and would highly reccomend him”.

There are many options to arrange ACS’s services: on one to one basis or on periodic (monthly, quarterly) base. The latter will provide you with certain privileges, such as a set price for a number of visits, or period of time or additional free cleaning services. They can also arrange after your approval to provide your employees with carpet cleaning and pest control at discount prices.

Let ACS clean your office space and take the hassle away from you. The result will be outstanding and at a fair price, so for more information on office carpet cleaning, Auckland commercial cleaning and retail carpet cleaning  please go to .