Auckland uPVC business expands, provides winter home tips

Wednesday 26 June 2019, 11:24AM
By Media Giant

Local uPVC windows and doors business, Eco Auckland, has further expanded its reach to Tauranga, announcing this month the decision to open a new base of operations in the Bay of Plenty region.


Accompanying the news of their latest expansion, Eco Auckland also released their tips for keeping your home warm and dry during winter this year:


  1. Regularly wipe walls or windows to be free of moisture. If you are experiencing excess moisture or heat loss through your windows, uPVC joinery and windows are an effective, long-lasting solution.
  2. Avoid drying your clothes inside during winter. While it’s tempting to fill your lounge or a bedroom with wet clothes and a dehumidifier, it’s always best to hang and dry washing outside where possible. This prevents excess moisture from gathering in the air.
  3. Air out your space when undertaking activities that release excess moisture into the air, such as taking a long shower, bath, or while cooking.


The important thing to note here is that keeping your home dry and free of moisture is critical to heating it effectively. A dry home is easier to heat, and in homes where there is considerable moisture and damp in the air, heating a space because exponentially more expensive.


Simple steps such as opening curtains during the morning to allow sunlight and warmth into your home, blocking draughts around doors and windows, and using timed thermostats can help reduce the amount of power spent heating your home during winter.


Utilising high-quality German design, Eco Auckland provides leading uPVC products designed for their thermal and acoustic insulation abilities - and capable of providing excellent safety, security, and durability through the use of superior construction materials.


Eco Auckland offer a selection of uPVC window styles and are happy to discuss custom-built options. To learn more about uPVC windows in Auckland, you can visit Eco Auckland at or call the office on 09 973 0610 to speak to one of their helpful team.