Eliminate Clutter with Power Options for Desks at Commercial Traders

Wednesday 26 June 2019, 1:56PM
By Beckie Wright

Between monitor, printer, cell phone charger, keyboard and desk lamp, the cord clutter can add up, but you can eliminate this distraction by organising and controlling your wiring for improved efficiency and productivity. Commercial Traders know that organisation is one of the keys to a clean, productive and efficient office. Modern offices today often include a monitor, laptop, printer, desk lamp, work phone, keyboard, mouse, cell phone charger and other peripheral devices requiring an assortment of cords and cables. 

This tangled mess is not only distracting but also clutters up your workspace. Luckily, creating an efficiently organised office space is more straightforward than you might think, with some of Commercial Traders’ useful cable and wire management tips to set you on the path to a tangle-free work zone. 

The Runner Cable Basket is a great way to tidy up the power cords from the underside of your desk, especially if you are using a height adjustable desk.

Similarly, Commercial Traders have a CPU-holder C3 for large CPU (black), maximum capacity 220mm width x 530mm height, minimum capacity 80mm width x 300mm height, with easy adjustment, and soft-grip pads which prevent scratches, and the open design aids cooling.

They also have a Partner Power Unit which is a great entry level power unit for your desk or boardroom table. The price includes starter lead and is available in black or white.

Finally, the Pandora Power Box is a great in table option for your next meeting table. This is available in two colour options, and the pricing includes a starter lead that will plug straight into a standard power socket.

Commercial Traders can provide you with something unique to your business that can help you stand out from the crowd or increase productivity, so to find out more about office cabinets, office furniture NZ, office desks NZ and computer chairs please go to .