FIT Launches New Tanova Designer Series for Kitchen Bins and Laundry Units

Friday 28 June 2019, 11:40AM
By Beckie Wright

Fit has announced the launch of their Tanova Designer Series for both soft close kitchen bins and soft close laundry baskets.

The new Tanova Designer Series replaces the earlier popular Tanova Deluxe range. The company has decided to take it a notch higher with their new Tanova Designer Series, which has been successfully developed thanks to valuable insight from kitchen makers, cabinet makers and designers, who all ensured that the new series will be ideal for both homeowners and installers.

The Designer Series features a 60kg load capacity to accommodate busy households and families. Furthermore, the series now offers numerous improved features. The overextension runners extend the unit further beyond bench edge, allowing you to remove bins and hampers easily. The tough plastic buckets and baskets are shaped ergonomically with perfectly positioned handles so you can carry it with ease.

The Tanova Designer Series also features a streamlined design with no gaps which reduces grime buildup, making them easier to clean. Even installation has improved, as the Tanova team have designed it for quick and easy fitting into standard size cabinets, with full-size templates and accurate 6-D drawer front control.

The range is built to last with tough aluminium and electro-galv components, made to ensure a long service life. It also offers the widest range of options in cabinet size, bucket configuration and capacity. Two contemporary colour options enable it to meet more aesthetic design challenges.

For the laundry units, ventilated sides in the baskets reduce mustiness and odours. Solid bases are fitted in plastic and steel baskets to prevent possible leakage into cabinets. There is also an optional basket divider for most of the steel baskets models so that homeowners can easily pre-sort dark and light clothing before washing.

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