Media Giant discuss best practice for EDM campaigns

Friday 28 June 2019, 1:58PM
By Media Giant

New Zealand digital marketing firm, Media Giant, are putting a focus on quality EDM campaigns for their local and national clients, recently looking at the influencing factors for a successful EDM.


  • Ensure deliverability
  • Integrate multiple channels
  • Engage customers with interactive experiences
  • Create a strong visual element
  • Develop live content
  • Don’t dismiss your subject line


Managing deliverability is the best way to ensure success in your email marketing campaigns. However, once an email has reached a customer’s inbox, it still needs to provide enough reason to be opened, read, and engaged with.


Tailored content is trending with customers in 2019, which requires them to do little additional work when finding what is relevant to them. Multi-channel integration, such as QR-codes and specific, tailored landing pages and CTAs will ensure users can navigate through your EDM with as few clicks as possible. Tailored content also encourages tailored engagement. Customers enjoy elements such as one-click reviews, purchasing and returns options, and personalised offers linked to their account.


Great visual imagery isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it can be used to convey the key message of your EDM and reduces the need for too much intimidating copy or walls of unreadable text. This can be coupled with additional live content. Live-content keeps users intrigued and engaged, and adds to the notion of a personalised email. This could be a live countdown timer, streaming of an event or simply rich media embeds.


Lastly, be adventurous and engaging with your subject line. When a user receives an email, the subject line determines whether it will be read or deleted. Overly salesy or generic subject lines are to be avoided; potential customers are bombarded by waves of generic emails each day that largely end up in the trash.


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