Bins R Us Advises Families to Remove Asbestos with New Hazibags

Friday 28 June 2019, 5:46PM
By Beckie Wright

The Hazibag is a new product on offer from Bins R Us, launched a few months ago in order to help ordinary households dispose of asbestos without needing to hire full-size metal asbestos bins.

The removal of asbestos is an important business to get right – as a highly dangerous material, proper disposal is paramount. However, hiring specialist services or proper equipment can get expensve for homeowners. This is why Bins R Us has introduced the Hazibag. Rather than expecting homeowners to either pay upwards of $875.44 for 3m and 4.5m asbestos steel bins, or leave the asbestos be, they now have the option to purchase a cheaper disposal method.

Hazibags come in 1 and 1.5 cubic metre bags, and can be used for many types of hazardous waste, but are designed to be compliant for asbestos disposal. Prices vary between $420.00 inc gst for the 1 cubic metre bag and $600.00 inc gst for the 1.5 cubic metre bag. These prices include delivery and collection of the bag, and disposal.

Asbestos is a major health hazard, but can be quite expensive to get rid of, so Bins R Us has stated that their aim in providing these bags is not only to bring the cost down for homeowners, but also to cater for jobs that are dealing with only a small amount of asbestos.

If homeowners do decide to attempt removal themselves, it’s important to be fully aware of the dangers posed by asbestos, and do as much research as possible. It’s worth consulting the guidelines laid out by the Ministry of Health.

Removing asbestos can be dangerous and complex. Any one who attempts it needs to be prioritise working with minimal release of fibres, dust and small particles. This is the most vital part of removing asbestos, as breathing in small particles can be deadly.

The Hazibag helps to curb these dangers via its design. Once the Asbestos has been placed inside the Hazibag, it is fully contained. There is no chance for accidental exposure.

Another key feature of Hazibag is that it eliminates the need to use a steel container bin for transport. The Hazibag can be placed directly on the collection vehicle to be transported elsewhere for disposal.

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