Dexters' Industrial Matting – Ideal For Winter Floors

Friday 28 June 2019, 7:47PM
By Beckie Wright

Dexters’ industrial matting range is ideal for insulating employees from cold floors, so is most popular in the winter months in preventing slipping on wet floors. Dexters carries a wide range of matting for application in your warehouse or factory workplace environment, and products include Anti-Slip Matting, Entrance Matting, Anti-Fatigue Matting as well as Specialist Matting.

Anti-Fatigue Matting has interlocking runners to make one continuous run, or single mats are available. This is ideal for in front of benches or production lines, with its safe, non-trip ramp edging and easy to clean smooth surface.

Worksave Anti-Fatigue Mats are free draining for wet areas or debris, with Anti-fatigue rubber, and safe non-trip surface pattern and is ramped on all four sides. This is lightweight and easy to move for cleaning, and the terracotta colour is grease resistant which is ideal for kitchens.

The Ozone Ergonomic Mat has an ergonomic bubble design with anti-creep feet which prevent ‘mat creep’. It also has an easy to clean closed surface with custom sizes made to order and non-trip ramp edging, and comes in four standard mat sizes, or get your own one cut to length.

Entrance Walkway Matting is a Long lasting PVC mat for walkways and entrances, which traps and conceals dirt with a PVC looped surface, suitable for outdoor use. It is easy to clean, with a self-draining, anti-slip surface which reduces foot and leg fatigue and feet noise.

Finally, the AKO Plus Safety Mat is long lasting and highly slip-resistant, ideal for slippery and icy environments. It is a sound absorbent and insulating anti-fatigue matting.

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