Landscape Design at Rangitahi Peninsular Project Development

Friday 28 June 2019, 8:30PM
By Beckie Wright

Raglan’s newest neighbourhood, the Rangitahi Peninsular project is taking shape at the water’s edge, with the vision to sustain and celebrate Raglan’s dynamic and unique culture. With respect for the natural surroundings, their vision for landscape design at Rangitahi is one of diversity, much like the people of Raglan, yet still in line with the typical Raglan village-scape.

To this end the Rangitahi Peninsula will be well planted with native grasses and trees, including pohutukawa, and there will be street trees and native garden beds planted throughout the neighbourhood. The Rangitahi team think it’s important to carefully consider your landscape design for your home, as outdoor living spaces are just as important as indoor, and landscaping creates character, frames views, and helps establish a community.

The properties at Rangitahi will be developed holistically with landscaping and architecture designed together to help establish the community and blend with the natural coastal environment. Local Landscape Architect, Peter McCartney shares his advice and ideas for landscaping at Rangitahi on the Rangitahi wesbite. Peter sees landscaping as providing a benefit to the wider community, by adding to ecological corridors for birds to move within the peninsula, which brings in and helps to disperse more seeds, benefiting the restoration efforts in the wider region.

At Rangitahi they encourage their residents to put time and effort into their landscape design, as it adds to and helps establish a new community, particularly with productive areas (vegetable and fruit), specific planting for birds and specific planting for bees.

Landscaping obviously plays an important part in creating a home, especially with a new build, as buildings often feel imposed on the site. Planting and landscaping softens the edges and helps to ground the building within the site creating a sense of belonging, so for more information on Raglan real estate, Raglan properties for sale and Rangitahi Peninsula development please go to .

Item of interest, Rangitahi bridge won the Category 3, and the Supreme Award at the Waikato Civil Construction Awards 2019.