For All Signage Needs Go to Graphic Detail

Friday 28 June 2019, 11:40PM
By Beckie Wright

Graphic Detail’s billboards have kept ahead of the fast evolving world of signage, going from the static image on canvas that sat for a month on a frame, to full digital messages, including movement and frame changes, telling your story to a constantly changing audience.

Similarly, whether you just want to point people in the right direction, announce a new initiative or showcase your brand in front of the world you need some dynamic signage that has a clear message, is eye-catching and memorable, and that’s what Graphic Detail do.

Bus backs are like a billboard that is constantly travelling around the city, telling your story to an ever changing audience; often a captive audience as drivers don’t have a lot of other places to look when they are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. What better thing to put in front of them than your brand, your product or your message?

Staying with buses, bus stop signage is one of the increasingly rare ways to get brand promotion space in the public area, since councils have cut back on signage unless it is on your business premises. Balancing the need to tell your story to a passing audience in the blink of an eye is a skill that Graphic Detail are happy to share with you.

Regarding Point of Sale signage, ideally you want to visually take the customer by the hand and lead them to exactly what they are looking for. Directional signs, specials, product promos and packaging all compete for attention, so figuring out what should have prominence makes the difference between a great shopping experience and the feeling of clutter.

Graphic Detail also use pull-up banners, which are a very popular, easy to transport high-impact product, allowing you to erect a self-supporting promotional product within seconds; beside a podium, at the entrance to a conference or representing your brand at a sponsorship event.

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