Palm Clinic Talk About Recovering From Varicose Vein Treatment

Friday 28 June 2019, 11:55PM
By Beckie Wright

Established in 1996, Palm Clinic was formed to bring patients safer, easier ways to treat varicose veins, and is a centre of excellence in the treatment of varicose veins, cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, and proudly stands as one of the longest established clinics of its kind in New Zealand.

Palm Clinic provide a vein treatment/pre-appointment video, which introduces you to the Palm Clinic veins team, explaining what to expect during treatment and what you need to do to prepare for treatment. They also provide post-treatment instructions for when you get home, as well as potential side effects. With a strong reputation for safe, natural results, the highly skilled team use their experience to guide you through the best options, ensuring your functional and cosmetic concerns are addressed and treatments are tailored specifically for you.

Compression stockings  are worn for two weeks. Many clients chose to keep them on when showering as they find them easier to dry than to get on and off. Regarding how long you will be off work, latest studies suggest the average time off work is three days after EVLT – compared with 12 days after open varicose vein surgery. Many patients are able to return to work immediately.

And, regarding driving your car home post treatment, the team send everyone for a 30 minute walk immediately after treatment and then the majority of patients drive themselves home. If you know that you can feel faint after medical procedures then you should bring someone with you to drive for you.

Finally, how soon you can fly after the treatment, short haul flights are no problem. Long haul flights should probably be avoided for three to four weeks after surgery.

Dr Sam Dunn leads the Palm Clinic team of caring, down-to-earth doctors, nurses and sonographers who are all committed to providing the highest quality care every step of the way. This team of professionals are leaders in their fields,constantly updating their skills and regularly attending international conferences to ensure the latest techniques are being used, so for more information on mole removal Auckland, skin tag removal NZ and laser hair removal Auckland please go to .