Securing Winter Ready Roofs with Check Home

Sunday 30 June 2019, 6:57PM
By Beckie Wright

Check Home, the leading home and building inspector, provides homeowners and property managersroof inspection services in preparation for winter.

Establishedin 2010,Check Homeaims to help property buyers and sellers make informed decisionswhen it comes to potentially buying or selling their properties. Whether it is buying a new house,building a new project, or renovating an already erect structure,Check Homebelieves in protectingone’s largest personal investment. This is why the skilled team at CheckHome employ leading-edgetechnology to give comprehensive reports on both structural and cosmetic issues associated with theproperty so that property owners are prepared to solve the issue.In lieu of this, Check Homeisencouragingindividuals to have their roofs examined in preparation for thecolder, wettermonths. The company provides excellent inspection services including roof assessments.They can inspect roofs from outside and inside the roof space, the subfloor–where accessible, generalfoundation condition, and in every individual room.

The building inspection company’s exterior building inspection include the roof’s external covering–tiles, sheet metals, and gutters. They also examine fretting of roof tiles and look out for any corrosionand possible leaks. The framing is also checked as well as roof insulation, and space. They also provide avisual overall condition report of the client’s chimney. All these in aneffort to ensure propermaintenance and provide effective solutions especially in the winter season.

Additionally,Check Homeprovides clients with cost estimates for areas of concern in order to get abetter understand of the maintenance involved.

CheckHome is a member of the NZIBI (New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors and CertifiesSamplers affiliated with Meth Solutions. The company is currently expanding nationally and providefranchise opportunities nationwide.

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