It Takes An Experienced Agent Like Harcourts' Ilse Evans to Sell in this Changing Market

Sunday 30 June 2019, 7:51PM
By Beckie Wright

There are several factors governing the present real estate market in Auckland,including the cancelling of the much vaunted Capital Gains Tax by the present Government, the reduction of the OCR rate, (and the resulting reduction ininterest rates by the banks), and what effect these will have on the real estate market.

This is where an experienced agent such as Harcourts’ Ilse Evans can be of vital importance to your eventual outcome when looking to sell your house in a tougher market. It’s important to understand that in a ‘hot’ market, anyone can sell your house, but now, you need an accurate appraisal, a good marketer, and are ally good agent to help buyers make decisions. Most of all, you then need a good negotiator acting in both the vendor’s and the client’s interests.

Ilse’s latest email news letter contained the following observations.“Since the announcement of no Capital Gains Tax, from where I sit I am seeing more pre-auction offers and multi offers coming in. Also, with the drop in interest rates, Ihave personally seen new buyers come in to my open homes, prompted by this.Iam sure there will be a lift in sales for the month of May recorded as a result.Time to sell! Time to buy!”

All of these changes will mean that you will be well served byan established and professional agent such as Harcourts’ Ilse Evans. Ilse is there to make the process of buying or selling your house painless, professional and price maximizing. Ilse provides a service second to none, and she understands that people are ‘timepoor’, so her processes are user friendly and deliver results, so for more information on selling my house, property valuations Takapuna and selling my house Takapuna please go to