For Repairs of Most Major Brands, Call the Heat Pump Guys

Monday 1 July 2019, 12:06PM
By Beckie Wright

Heat Pump Guys offers a full repair service for most major brands – Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Gree, Carrier and Toshiba. They are a leading independent Heat Pump, Air Conditioning and Ventilation specialists in New Zealand.

On their website the company has a checklist that can be used to troubleshoot common issues. These are handy tools for home owners who can potentially save time and money, before booking a repair technician.

Heat Pump Guys recommend checking if your heat pump might be running in “defrost mode.” A defrost cycle is simply the system recognising that ice has formed or begun to form and automatically fixing this by stopping the inside heating for between 10 and 15 minutes as it defrosts the outdoor unit.  

The icons on the remote will reflect the mode the heat pump is set to. Home owners should ensure they understand what the icons stand for (Heat/sun icon, Cool/Snow flake icon, Dry/drop icon, Fan/fan icon). If for example if the unit mode is set to “cool”, while the room is 18 degrees and the remote control is set to 25 degrees the unit will not heat; instead it’ll stay on cooling mode until it needs to produce cold air. To produce warm air the mode needs to be set to “Heat” mode.

Resetting the heat pump by locating the master power switch and turning the power off and leaving it turned off for a full 10 minutes then turning it back on can sometimes help. Also putting in fresh batteries in the remote control, will ensure the unit is working as it is supposed to.

Homeowners can also check there are no tripping circuit breakers or burnt-out fuses on the electrical distribution board (switchboard). This is particularly important if the heat pump displays no function at all, including no response from a remote control command, no movement on the vanes and no lights blinking on the indoor unit.

Heat Pump Guys have the knowledge, experience and skill to fix problems with the units. Homeowners can check the manufacturer, model and serial number of the indoor and outdoor units and book the correct technician through them if issues persist.

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