Vault Tape Storage Vital for TIMG's Secure Information Management

Monday 1 July 2019, 6:26PM
By Beckie Wright

TIMG understands the changing landscape of information management in the 21st Century. That’s why New Zealand’s leading documents and records management company provides offsite physical vault storage for backup media tapes and hard drives, in addition to industry-leading cloud storage solutions.

Long after the advent of cloud storage capabilities, tapes and hard drives still play a prominent role in a business’ information management practices. Holding valuable and irreplaceable business data, these must be preserved in locations that maintain the proper environment for electronic hardware and provide security against data breaches and leaks.

TIMG’s tape vaulting and storage solutions for backup media tapes and hard drives, assist companies in remaining compliant with New Zealand records management laws, offering efficient processes and peace of mind. With restricted access, CCTV monitoring, intruder alarm systems, and fire suppressions systems, TIMG’s tape vaulting and storage offers unparalleled protection of vital business information.

With a team of highly experienced business professionals, TIMG is changing the way Kiwis think about the challenge of information management. Providing certification and compliance to professional standards, TIMG has maintained the highest standard of excellence in the industry throughout New Zealand and beyond. Boasting a 96% client satisfaction rating and being locally owned and operated, TIMG have a proven record of secure storage, precision tracking, and 24/7 access.

TIMG’s tape vaulting and storage solutions are perfect for businesses with small to extensive information management requirements who are paying too much for their tape backup services, who worry about their business continuity and the revenue loss that this could cause, and need a partner who can provide safe and secure data storage.

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