Vivo Hair & Beauty Celebrate Natasha King: Editorial Stylist of the Year 2018

Tuesday 2 July 2019, 2:22AM
By Beckie Wright

On the face of it, Natasha King’s story of her career in the hairdressing industryreads like that of someone who was inherently ambitious. Born and bred in the deepSouth, what could have been geographical disadvantage for a competitive hairstylistdidn’tappear to be a hurdle for Natasha. She won NZ Editorial Stylist of the Year in2017 and 2018, a prestigious accolade that saw her competing against the best inthe business. She was a finalist for Expo NZ Hairdresser of the Year 2016-2018, andthen was the recipient of the Peoples’ Choice Award at Hair Expo Australia 2017.

But Natasha is the first to admit that, while she is now counted among thehairdressing elite, this was certainly not always the case. “The road was hard,” sherecalls, the words coloured with memories of a difficult journey. It’s difficult tobelieve that someone with so many industry accolades, Natasha was actually a slowstarter. Natasha’s Aunt invited her to work in her salon after school, washing hairand helping out. Many hairstylists point to this experience as the ‘eureka’ moment,when they first discover their lifelong passion.“Not for me. It wasn’t my firstchoice,” Natasha admits, “I actually wasn’t very good at it.” Hampered with self-confidence issues, and a skill set thatNatasha felt was not up to scratch, she tried toleave the hairdressing industry. “I went to the freezing works!” she laughs.

But, as all good stories go, there was a twist. Unsatisfied with her career change,Natasha decided to diveheadfirstback intothe hairdressing industry and openedher own salon. “I realised if I really wanted to take this seriously, I first had to getmyself certified” So, already 13 years into her hairdressing career, Natasha finallyqualified as a hairstylist.

Now, Natasha has turned her attention to the next chapter in her story. When Jamesand Lynden, owners of Vivo Hair & Beauty, offered her the role of SouthlandRegional Manager, she jumped at the chance. “I’d been in touch with James andLynden, over the years, I’ve picked their brains over industry topics.

Earlier this year, Natasha merged Freds into the Vivo group of salons, and is takingher whole team on this new journey. “Ours has been an unregulated industry, and Iadmire that the team behind Vivo are raising thestandard. They have revolutionisedthe standards in training and education. Great hairdressers are getting paid theirworth. I think hairstylists need to get more savvy about their business. Within Vivo,you can earn what you’re worth as a hairstylist without any of the stress of salonownership. Why wouldn’t I want to be part of that? This is the future of hairdressing”

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