Smarter home loans, brighter futures Smarter home loans, brighter futures CREDIT: Global Financial Services

Smarter home loans, brighter futures

Wednesday 17 July 2019, 11:31AM
By Global Financial Services

How we could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars

Securing your home loan is only a small part of what we do – our overarching goal is to help you build your wealth, and then protect it for the future you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s how we do it.

How to keep 100K in your pocket

While most homeowners keep an eagle eye on interest rates, the reality is that if you have a $500k mortgage, even a good drop of .5% will only save you a few thousand a year. However, if you can structure your mortgage so that you can pay it off just five years earlier – 25 instead of 30 years – you could save over $100k. We can help you do even better than that.

Our guarantee

We’ve helped our clients pay off their 30-year mortgages in as little as 9 years, without changing their set monthly repayments. We’re so confident we can help you pay your mortgage off faster, that once we’ve set a plan and a goal, we’ll guarantee you’ll reach it.

Restructuring – how it works

Our secret is to clearly understand your financial position and your lifestyle, then ideally restructure your mortgage so you can pay it off faster. Generally, that structure will include a large revolving credit that will let you pay down the principle of your mortgage with every paycheck. This means every dollar you earn is minimising the interest you pay, but you retain access to cash if you ever need it.

Protecting your investment

This focus on building your wealth must also go hand in hand with protecting it. That’s why we’ll also ensure you have the right insurances for your property, your possessions, and most importantly, you and your earning potential. You won’t pay any more to arrange your insurances through our dedicated brokers, and you’ll know you’re always covered. Then if you ever need to make a claim, your broker will arrange the details for you.

About Global Finance

Since 1999 we’ve been helping Kiwis all over New Zealand realise dreams and build their wealth – whether they’re buying a home or commercial property or building their portfolio.

The secret to our twenty-year success has been about one thing: service. We take the time to understand your position and goals, so we can tailor each loan to your unique needs. We’ll handle all the negotiations for you, give you access to the finance you need, then maintain your loan structure so it’s always ideal for your situation.

That service extends to protecting your wealth too – our insurance brokers can ensure you have the right level of personal insurance.

And best yet, since we draw our commissions from the banks and insurance companies, our service is free to you.

To get started on building your wealth faster, get in touch with the friendly team at Global Finance.