How to Earn or Get Free Bitcoins?

Thursday 18 July 2019, 3:37PM

By Aaron F.


Bitcoin Credit: Aaron F.

Recently, new services related to Bitcoin cryptocurrency have started to appear very widely. There is no more need to use long chains of intermediaries to perform simple transactions, losing interest at each stage. This article is more focused on newbies who have difficulty starting to work with Bitcoins.

So, let's begin. Before you start receiving the cherished Bitcoins, you need to prepare storage first. There are several ways for that. You can use third-party online services called online wallets, or a get a Bitcoin wallet on your computer. You can also keep your Bitcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges, on a hardware wallet, or even on paper.

I strongly recommend keeping your funds at home, as practice shows, third-party online services can be hacked, or their owners can someday disappear and take your funds. Therefore, just go to the official page of the Bitcoin project and download the wallet program matching your type of the operating system.

When you first start the wallet program, all the blocks should be downloaded. It can take quite a long period of time. Maybe even some days, depends on your Internet connection speed. Quite a large amount of data should be downloaded. You need to wait until the process is completed.

So, while all the blocks are downloading, let's see how to get Bitcoins:

- Buy from people who have them. The main problem is trusting the seller, and not to meet scammers.
-  Buy at popular special Bitcoin exchanges.
-  You can start accepting BTC for your services or products.
-  You can participate in Bitcoin mining.
-  Register with Bitcoin casinos or Bitcoin faucets and try to win some funds.

The first option, I think, should not cause any questions.

The second is the easiest, fastest and safest way for now. Mind you should use only big and reputable services like Coinbase. This way is also suitable for those who like to play on the stock exchange and understands what he is doing.

For the third method, all the Bitcoin community will just say thank you to you. By the way, this is one of the ways of getting free advertising as shops, salons, and private owners fall into the numerous lists of places accepting Bitcoin which get published on massively visited web resources.

As to the fourth method, I have to get in more detail. This is the only way to get BTC practically free of charge (if you do not count the cost of electricity and equipment). For those who want to run and buy graphics cards or ASICs and thinks he will earn a lot of Bitcoins, sell them and become a millionaire, I want to note - do not flatter yourself. Mining occupies a lot of space, requires special cooling equipment, and requires specific knowledge. And if you become familiar with the basics of the Bitcoin network, it becomes clear that you will not receive adequate earnings by simply building big mining rigs. The Bitcoin system automatically restructures the complexity regularly. Over time you will earn less and less.

The last method is for those who are systematically lucky or likes gambling. Bitcoin casinos function almost the same way as other online casinos. You can read reviews and select the one to your liking on Just remember, as they say: “Casino always wins.” At least in the long run.

So, you downloaded the wallet according to the instructions at the beginning of the article. After complete synchronization with the ledger, you go to the tab “Receiving”, and press the “Create address” button. This address can be given a name. You can actually have any number of addresses. It is very convenient to have a separate address for each service from which you plan to receive money.

In the end, let’s touch upon mining again. You can mine on a wide range of computing devices. Some cunning people even used supercomputers at their workplace. Now adequate earnings can be obtained only on specialized ASIC miners. However, they are very expensive. Mining Bitcoins on CPUs or graphics cards is no more profitable, you pay more for electricity than you earn. Actually, it was profitable very long time ago.

It is worth mentioning that for many Bitcoin forks there are no ASIC miners yet. So, you can mine and earn them using video cards. Many forks are designed to make it difficult or impossible for ASIC miners to mine them. So, a workaround for those who do not have specialized equipment can be mining new forks. Those coins can be exchanged later for Bitcoins on exchanges. You can also mine altcoins using graphics cards.