Mist NZ Explain How to Concoct the Perfect Vape Liquid

Thursday 18 July 2019, 7:00PM
By Beckie Wright

Vape juice New Zealand wide comes in countless variations, so finding the perfect one for you isn’t always easy, not to mention there’s more to choosing your vape liquid than just deciding between strawberry and cinnabun. Perhaps you’re new to vaping or just haven’t yet found the vape liquid that gives you the perfect hit. The truth is, it will take some tinkering and experimentation.

Fortunately, Mist NZ is there to guide you through the vape juice wilderness. The strength of your vape liquid refers to the amount of nicotine in it. This ability to customise the amount of nicotine in your vape liquid is precisely what makes vaping such a viable solution for people seeking to quit smoking tobacco.

Typically, a cigarette will contain around 16mg of nicotine, so people trying to quit smoking often begin here, and lower the strength of their vape juice gradually over time. But remember, balance is important. Too much nicotine and your hit will be too strong - it might burn or make you feel lightheaded. Too little nicotine, however, and you may find yourself vaping excessively to compensate for your cravings. Many vape stores - Mist NZ included - also make it possible to remove all nicotine from your vape liquid, if you’re vaping purely for the flavour.

Mist NZ offers 35 flavours to satisfy any palette. If you have a sweet tooth, caramel or cheesecake might tickle your fancy. If you’re seeking something a bit more natural, fruit flavoured e-liquids such as watermelon or passionfruit might be more up your alley. Mist NZ even offers a Sour Shot in some flavours to give them that extra pucker. It’s advisable that you find single flavours you’re partial to before you begin blending them, but your vape taste adventure is all your own.

When it comes to vape liquids, the possibilities are endless, and the vaping pros at Mist NZ can offer expert advice to help you tailor your vape liquid to match your vaping sensibilities, so for more information on e liquid New Zealand, vape juice NZ and nicotine vape juice NZ please go to .