Kinks Panels, Gates from FenceLab are Ideal for Parks, Schools & Pools

Wednesday 31 July 2019, 3:47PM
By Beckie Wright

Long lasting, versatile and economic, The Kinks panels and gates have hot dip galvanised wire folded top panels that are ideal for long runs of fencing where a visibly unobtrusive barrier is needed along roadways or around services. They are ideal for parks, schools and pools.

FenceLab’s Kinks range is durable. Durability and aesthetic must be balanced with compliance and safety when specifying a park or school fence. Sharp edges are eliminated and material gauges are thickened. Hardware specifications also consider requirement to cope with the abuse that children could meter out on the fence and gate.

FenceLab’s parks and schools range utilises rigid wire in the Kinks ranges. It has matching pedestrian and driveway gates. When choosing a fencing style for parks, it is essential to note safety, durability and compliance. Parks experience a lot of activity, particularly from kids. It’s important that the fencing style and materials are designed with this in mind to avoid injuries. 

Park fencing must comply with all government and municipal regulations. All park fencing styles from FenceLab comply with local laws and health and safety regulations.

Customers who have pools must protect the area to keep children safe. They fence should also keep debris, such as branches, out of the area. Kinks provide the perfect solution. These fences must be impenetrable from the outside. Furthermore, the height and structure of the fencing must comply with pool health and safety regulations. FenceLab’s range of pool fencing styles like Kinks are made from durable and rust-resistant materials.

For schools the Kinks can be used for outdoor sports area and whole school perimeter fencing. Each fence needs to have its own purpose laid out before starting the design process. School fencing needs to be durable as there are a lot of activities throughout the year, and the fence structure must also be high enough to prevent children from climbing it.

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