Digital Display's Power in the Retail Industry

Wednesday 31 July 2019, 8:45PM
By Beckie Wright

The retail landscape has changed significantly as businesses shift to e-commerce. This has opened unique challenges within many competitive industries. Employing digital signs has become a strategy for numerous brick-and-mortar stores that believe that in-store experience still matters.

What customers see and how they feel greatly influences their buying decisions. This is why offline engagements are equally important as those seen online. One cannot entirely forsake the physical experience of shoppers in favour of digital. What businesses can do is to consider ways to make their brands stand out through investing in the right in-store technology.

Digital signage such as interactive display screens, digital posters, and LED video walls can bring so much to one’s business. Not only does it bring efficiency to customers and retailers, it also increases engagement and brings delight to customers. Employing the right technology to convey the right content in the right context allows retail stores to make a strong first impression, engage the customer, and create a wonderful retail experience all throughout.

The more businesses engage with customers, the more they improve their shopping experiences. And the more the shopping experience improves, brand awareness increases. Brand awareness and brand trust increase the chances of businesses to drive more sales.

Businesses need to learn how to adapt to the fast-changing world of retail to focus on building their brand in the online space without losing their physical presence. In order to thrive, retailers need to create unique and engaging in-store experiences that will keep customers coming back.

FMCTV believes in redefining the retail experience with digital display. FMCTV works with many brands providing full-service and display services tailored to each business’ needs. The company provides system design services, installation, content strategy, and in-store support.

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