Continuity Services from Tier 4 Vital to Secure Business Data in the Digital Age

Wednesday 7 August 2019, 10:07PM
By Beckie Wright

Tier 4 is proud to offer among Auckland’s most trusted continuity services as part of their leading IT support. With remote monitoring, continuous back-up, and offsite backup, Tier 4 strives to make cyber security a leading priority for business owners throughout New Zealand, and to keep their important information fully protected, backed up, and current with the latest patches and upgrades.

Tier 4 uses state of the art remote monitoring technology to monitor the full extent of their clients’ networks and hardware applications. With the capacity to monitor all patching and server upgrades, their proactive approach is designed to detect vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Ongoing data back-up in real time allows Tier 4 to ensure that all daily workplace activity is properly safeguarded. Their leading back-up services can be adjusted to activate as many times per day as their clients deem necessary.

With safe and secure off-site locations for the back-up of digital records, Tier 4 have every facet of information security under control. Current copies of all records are available to clients in the event that a virus devastates on-premise networks. Tier 4 is well equipped to provide leading IT services to both large and small New Zealand businesses.

New Zealand owned and operated, Tier 4 has been providing a seamless combination of strategy, solutions, and services as one of Auckland’s most respected IT companies. Their managed services are tailored to meet a wide array of business information demands.

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