Eurofins in Attendance at the NZIFST Conference

Thursday 8 August 2019, 2:40PM
By Beckie Wright

Eurofins, an industry leader in beverage and food testing, has announced their attendance and participation in this year’s New Zealand Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST) conference.

The NZIFST Conference was held on July 2-4, 2019 in Christchurch Town Hall, Kilmore Street, Christchurch. The theme for this year’s conference was “Good Food”.

The central theme revolved around the concept of food and its ability to not just one’s health but also their community, business, and environment. Each of these four concepts were individually showcased.

“Good for the Community” referenced the potential for food and business to provide employment and opportunities. “Good for the Planet” advocated for the responsible use of the Earth’s resources, such as how to live sustainably and reduce waste. “Good for Me” connected meaningful work and personal development with the production of food that addresses health and wellness needs. “Good for Business” spoke about positive New Zealand stories, developing opportunities, and growing wealth for all.

As Eurofins’ participation in the biggest food safety conference in New Zealand, the company sponsored a social night to promote their food sector. The company collaborates with numerous New Zealand food companies in support of their goals to produce high-grade items for consumption in both domestic and export markets.

Eurofins New Zealand provides organisations with premium quality testing support for businesses’ quality control requirements. The lab testing company works with clients within the food manufacturing industry (dairy, meat, seafood, general food, drinking water, honey, and natural products sectors) throughout New Zealand, offering the latest test methods in their IANZ accredited laboratories.

To learn more, visit the Eurofins website at